XLartwall BV is a young family company having its seat in Assen, The Netherlands and is specialized in the development and trade of high quality assembled (large format) frames (made in Germany) with printed deco- or backlight textiles (made in Germany and/or Holland) and other innovative solutions for the shopfitting and exhibition markets. XLartwall BV is a full service company taking care for design, order, delivery and installation. Within the company and partners are many years of experience available in the global Sign- and Exhibition market in 3-D Design, Marketing & Business Consultancy, Export- and Import, International Logistics and related services. Most staff is multilingual (Dutch, English, German and some are speaking even a limited French or Spanish)


As we are looking for continuïty we see our staff and customers as our main capital. Without the last we have no future as they pay our salaries. Therefore we promise to do our work very concencious and professional as possible. We believe in a fair business where yes is yes and no is no. Our customers may count on a high servicelevel. XLartwall BV is as company part of the society and therefore we feel ourselves responsible for a clean environment. We do not want to close our eyes for the poorness and bad situation whereas miljons of people live in this world. We contribute to organisations helping children in development countries.


Large Xlwall frames with high quality dye-sub fabrics creating wall presentations that attract attention or even forming an discrete background with distinction, dress up, make atmosphere, have charisma, teaching, highlight your message….Personalized lightweight walls with integrated AV and / or sound, integrated sound protective insulation and making new heat technology invisible. For many applications, a choice of many models. Exposed or “backlight” solutions. High quality, delivered and installed at an attractive price!

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