AudioWall is the perfect spatial sound for your home, your office or any other room in which optical aesthetics and the best possible sound quality should blend together. It offers new design opportunities: Without visible loudspeakers, which always impair the ambiance of a room, it surrounds you with a perfect world of sound coupled with a visual highlight.

The system consists of an aluminium frame in which a high-quality high-end sound module is integrated. The frame is covered with a printed textile material with an individually designed motif or pattern to match every wish in visual terms and which can be exchanged at any time. Together with the integrated acoustic absorbers, which increase the quality of reproduction and correct the room acoustics, the DSP sound system ensures an outstanding and uniform sound.

Technical data


  • 200W


  • Cinch connector
  • Jack socket, 3.5mm
  • Wireless transmission – WLAN / Bluetooth

Power supply:

  • 230 V or 115 V
  • 12V
  • Optional rechargeable battery


Standby system
Power consumption:

  • 300mW

Other features:

  • 3-D stereophonic sound settings

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