Times are more difficult and clever standbuilders have no choice and should anticipate on new marketrules. It is a buyer-market with less money to spend but customers want still presentations with a high impact to attract the visitor.

Here is the answer:




  • easy and fast installation & dismantle
  • pre-assembled aluframes 300x100x8cm or 300x92x8cm, affordable price!
  • Frames complete with no-light transmitting textile or back-lit print
  • Seamles textile print over more frames, easy to change
  • high quality hardware (made in Germany)
  • fast (3-D) design with no more than 9 basic modules!
  • integrated AV + IT
  • custom production possible
  • accessories as led spots, brochure holders, workstations available
  • compact and safe transport on special trolleys
  • Osram led lighting, stable, durable & guaranteed quality!


5×3 = 15m2



5×4 = 20m2



7×4 = 28m2



10×5 = 50m2

ExpoPress textile wallframes are made from high quality aluminum in which textile dye sublimation prints can be mounted. All around the textile print or fabric a silicone rubber tendon has been sewn which simple can be assembled into the guide groove of the aluminum frame. However from front view the alum-frame is almost invisible, the frame can be (option) powder coated in almost any RAL color. The fabrics are made according DIN B-1 fire ratings .The backside of the frames is covered with a lightweight 3mm cell SIM a pvc which meet the requirement of Din 4102 B1 flammability Dimensions: the standard frames are 92 or 100 cm width and 300 cm height. The frames with a curved top are 350cm height.(on request we can make custom dimensions)



01 Frame 300 x 100 cm with front covered fabric
02 Frame 300 x 92 cm with front covered fabric
03 Vertical column 300 x 8 x 8 cm
04 Frame 300 x 100 cm with front covered fabric with inside frame with interactive monitor 42” with embedded mini-pc
05 Frame with door 300 x 100cm including vertical column
06 Frame 350 x 100 x 8cm with steel foot and top curved frame, front with led lightbox and backlit printed fabric, the curved top is covered with uni white fabric.
07 Frame 350 x 100 x 8cm with steel foot and top curved frame, front printed (block-) textile, the curved top is covered with uni white fabric
08 Led light box 250 x 100 x 8 cm
09 Led light box 200 x 100 x 8 cm
10 White wood counter with 2 doors and in the front lightbox with backlit printed textile

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